About Us

What is Shiny Media?

Shiny Media is the UK’s biggest blog publishing company, consisting of 20 blogs. It sprang fully formed from the glorious, fruitful loins of Ashley Norris, Chris Price and Katie Lee, three freelance technology journalists.

OK so that’s not strictly true…

After starting Tech Digest, Ashley and Chris joined up with Katie to start the hugely popular, and extremely pink Shiny Shiny – the UK’s biggest (and first) women’s gadget site.

From there, the trio created Shoewawa, a blog dedicated solely to shoes. That’s when things started to get serious and Shiny Media was born.

Now Shiny Media consists of 20 blogs (and counting) with subjects ranging from women’s fashion, sport, technology, music, gaming and eBay. They are listed below for your ease and convenience:

– Bayraider
– Bridalwave
– Catwalk Queen
– CorrieBlog
– Games Digest
– Hippyshopper
– Kiss and Makeup
– Mobile Digest
– PopJunkie
– Propellerhead
– Scrumbag
– Shiny Shiny
– Shoewawa
– Star Trip
– Tech Digest
– The Bag Lady
– The Googly
– Trashionista
– TV Scoop
– Who Ate All The Bratwurst?

Who is Shiny Media?

As well as Editorial Director Katie, Creative Director Ashley, and Commercial Director Chris, Shiny Media is made up all sorts of other witty, charming and (for the most part) good looking bloggers. If you’re keen to contact a specific blog editor, click on his or her name in the “Credits” section of the relevant blog. Or, alternatively, hassle one of the Shiny Triumvirate until you get a response.

Where is Shiny Media?

Shiny Media is based in the UK, but our writers litter the globe like blogging confetti.

When is Shiny Media?

Now you’re just being silly. If you’re still hungry for Shiny data, we suggest you head over to the Shiny Media blog. where all your questions will be answered with altogether less whimsy.

Want to Advertise?

Ah, we like you already. Please head this way and contact us for further instructions. We offer a full range of advertising deals that will suit pretty much any budget, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your lovely money.