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7 products the Dan Carter "Toulon" brand could endorse...

Apparently Daniel Carter is poised to become rugby's answer to David Beckham, with his merchandising set to match what he is paid to perform on the field if he signs a lucrative deal with Stade Toulousain. According to reports today, Stade Toulousain's flamboyant owner is keen to do a deal around publicity rights that will see Carter earn additional income off the sale of a "Toulon" jersey bearing Carter's name and what L'Equipe newspaper calls a wider plan to sell "Toulon-Carter" derived products. But what could they be?

Kiwi1) Toulon-Carter Kiwi fruit

2) Toulon-Carter garters

3) Toulon-Farters (whoopi cushions)

4) Colon-Carters (home enama kits)

5) Toulon-Carter shirts (well the obvious one had to go in there)

6) Toulon-Carter PCs (Daniel is oddly at the forefront of computerware andr was the first person in the world to purchase a PC shipped with Windows Vista, buying a laptop which was auctioned off for charity for $4,000,000)

7) Toulon-Carter jockeys (obvious)

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toulouse or toulon?

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