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YouTube: The Forward Pass

Ever thought... hey, I know my rugby okay, but I still can't quite figure out the rules behind the forward pass? Probably not, but here's a video about how it's done anyway. You might find it useful:

December 31, 2006 in YouTube Rugby | Permalink


Wow!! So well explained! How usefull and interesting it is!

Posted by: Ithilsul | 9 Oct 2007 01:12:21

'So well explained', but utter bollocks.

Law 12 - 'Forward Pass'.

A throw forward occurs when a player throws or passes the ball forward.
'Forward' means towards the opposing team's dead ball line.

This is arguably the most critical law of the game when considered in the context of all the other laws since, paradoxically, it ensures that the game moves forward.

Clarification is needed as it is highly ambiguous as to whether the reference point for the motion of the ball is 'the player', as in the first part of the definition, or 'the opposition team's dead ball line', as in the clarification clause. My understanding of the spirit of the law is that any ball that from the precise point of release from a passer's hand moves from that point in a direction toward the opposition's dead ball line, is a forward pass; the rest is a matter of simple geometry by reference to any line on the pitch which is parallel to the dead ball line.

Strict enforcement of the law once clarified is vital since if it is not we are at the start of a slippery slope. If, as our Antipodean cousins would have it, we allow forward passes in 'the interests of a faster flowing and attacking style of rugby', where, I ask, do we draw the line: do we allow knock-ons that are 'just a little bit forward'; do we allow scrum feeds that are 'just a little bit crooked' (it seems we do); do we allow people to be 'just a little bit off-side; do we allow players to be 'just a little bit in touch'; do we allow players to tackle opposition players who are 'nearly in possession of the ball'?

Do we? If so then we might as well all pack up and play American bloody football, where entertainment and not sport is king.

Posted by: Little Lewy | 15 Nov 2010 17:38:58

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