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Would you sign Dwain Chambers?

80438715Pie eating, whippet walking, flat cap wearing Castleford are expected to make an announcement on the future of drugs snaffling, NFL playing, very fast running Dwain Chambers early next week. But should they give him a contract?

Of course they should. When else in the history of any rugby, let alone Castleford rugby league have people queued around the block to get into a reserves match. Chambers has caught the imagination, and you know what - he didn't play that badly.

Tigers football manager Michael Robinson stated that talks are ongoing between the club and player.
He is however likely to travel with the rest of the squad to Cardiff for Millennium Magic, when a round of matches are played in the Millennium Stadium.

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Could Olly Barkley ruin a Royal Wedding?

Wedding_crashersop_copyNow we all know claims that Barkley ruined a wedding last year have been thrown out in court, but if (if!) he were to ruin a wedding, he'd do a lot worse than ruining a royal wedding.

And that's great enws for him, as chances are he'll be attending one some time soon. Horse faced horse lovin' crown wearer Zara Phillips is hoping that her England rugby star boyfriend Mike Tindall will propose to her. If he does surely Barkley will be at the bash. The Queen's granddaughter says she is ready to settle down, but admitted: "He hasn't asked me yet." She told GQ Sport magazine: "I'm old-fashioned. I think they should ask you. We tell each other we love each other every day." Bless. Smash up their cake Olly! Smash it!

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Tell us about 'My Video Life' and win £500 or some Nike vouchers

You use your camera to shoot video. You use your phone to shoot video. You may even be capturing the world in high definition. Now's the time to get your footage working for you by entering our competition and scoring a great prize.

We have teamed up with Visual Networking experts, Cisco, to offer shedloads of cool prizes and all you have to do is show us a video that illustrates 'My Video Life'.

The overall winner will get £500 worth of vouchers for a shopping spree and the chance to spend a day in the studio with Cisco's experts to make another video - plus have Your Video Life featured on the Cisco consumer web site. There are also eight £50 vouchers from Nike Town up for grabs, so you have a really good chance of nabbing one of the prizes.

Here's how you enter...

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Jonny Wilks becomes the new face of £5 notes...

Travelx_wilkinsn_68_477384aWell sort of. It's a bit of paper worth £5 with Jonny's ever dour face lovingly scrawled across it. Want one (don't fold it, Jonny snaps in two very easily) you'll have to go to the comical waste of cash that ironically is AKA Heathrow's terminal five. Inside this glass house of lost bags and angry models, the World Cup winner is appearing on an limited edition voucher which has a value of £5 Sterling.

The note called the Tfiver is only redeemable at shops within Heathrow’s Terminal 5. No longer sure if you want one? Well, Jonny Wilkinson, an official Travelex ambassador, told The Sun: "I’m really honoured to be the face of the Tfiver.” If those almost poetic words of inspiration don't make you want one, sadly nothing will.

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7 products the Dan Carter "Toulon" brand could endorse...

Apparently Daniel Carter is poised to become rugby's answer to David Beckham, with his merchandising set to match what he is paid to perform on the field if he signs a lucrative deal with Stade Toulousain. According to reports today, Stade Toulousain's flamboyant owner is keen to do a deal around publicity rights that will see Carter earn additional income off the sale of a "Toulon" jersey bearing Carter's name and what L'Equipe newspaper calls a wider plan to sell "Toulon-Carter" derived products. But what could they be?

Kiwi1) Toulon-Carter Kiwi fruit

2) Toulon-Carter garters

3) Toulon-Farters (whoopi cushions)

4) Colon-Carters (home enama kits)

5) Toulon-Carter shirts (well the obvious one had to go in there)

6) Toulon-Carter PCs (Daniel is oddly at the forefront of computerware andr was the first person in the world to purchase a PC shipped with Windows Vista, buying a laptop which was auctioned off for charity for $4,000,000)

7) Toulon-Carter jockeys (obvious)

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Dwain Chambers has a few class moments for Castleford...

His performance is getting quite a bit of negative press today, but from what I saw Chambers did anything but disgrace himself on his rugby debut. He looked lively, fast as a badger, and crucially he made a tackle. What's more he got injured and if that doesn't make himself a real life pro rugby player I don't know what would...

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Shit lookalikes: Robert Kitson and the one with the big spam from Ant & Dec

0000e02e10dr_copyThe Guardian's Robert Kitson is without a doubt my favourite rugby columnist. He's superb. But his head just seems to be getting bigger. Is it me or is he slowly turning into a rugby ball?

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Hilda set to chase eggs for the very last time...

HillThough other noisier stars took most of the 2003 World Cup plaudits, Richard "Hilda" Hill was simply superb for England under Woodward. But now thanks to more knacks than even Jonny Wilks, he's set to lose his fight with injury and call it a day.

Sunday's Saracens Vs Munster semi final in Coventry could realistically be his last ever game. He has already announced he will retire at the end of the season and such is the state of his left knee that, if Saracens lose to the 2006 champions, he is not expected to play in their final two league games.
Hill is the ultimate unsung hero, hugely rated by close observers but liable to slip under the radar of casual fans.

Scrum-half Matt Dawson has described former team-mate Hill as "without question, the best rugby player England have ever had" on the BBC today. A bit over the top maybe, but he was certainly great enough to earn himself a free degree...

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Kiwi rugby star acquitted of murder...

While in Britain rugby stars getting in trouble usually consists of urinating on trains, smashing up wedding cakes or touching a Cheeky Girl on her rude bits, they do things better overseas.

New Caledonian rugby star Laurent Vili, 31, has been acquitted of murder after a three-day trial in Noumea. Vili who plays laying for the French Nimes club, addressed supporters, saying although the incidents that led to the trial would not be forgotten, it was important for all involved to move forward in peace...

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Neath rugby star in fight for his life...

Banner2I've just been reading icWales, and I'm sad to hear that a horrific injury has left a Neath rugby player in a serious condition. Father of two Gareth Jones, aged 28, broke his spine on Sunday during his side’s match against Cardiff. Scrumbag wishes Gareth all the best in his recovery and we'll all be hoping for a quick / total recovery.

Reports are suggest Jones underwent emergency surgery on Monday night after developing a blood clot on his brain. Neath Club officials yesterday said the surgery was successful and the clot had been cleared, but the situation looks similar to the Gwyn Jones’ injury, where the Wales skipper’s career was cut short when he suffered a spinal injury playing for Cardiff in December 1997, aged 25.

For the full story and updates on Gareth's recovery please click here.

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Dwain Chambers is ready for his rugby debut

80498288Rugby league's Dwain Chambers is ready to chase eggs for the very first time this weekend. Yes Castleford Tigers have confirmed he'll be playing for their reserves this Sunday. It's the world's first chance to see him in action, and I for one will be very interested to see how he gets on.

The 29-year-old drug associated runner is set to take on York Knights. Though most people in Rugby League let alone Rugby Union seem extremely keen to see him fall flat on his face, I wish him well. You never know he might be the natural he says he is...

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Rugby players to be screened for heart attacks...

330976hmpl_wThis news has made me so angry I've got a tight sensation in my chest, a numb left arm and an overwhelming sense of death. Young yugby players to be screened for heart attacks? Crazy!

A MSP (that's an MP in a kilt) is to explore the possibility of starting a pilot scheme to screen young rugby players in the Borders for the risk of sudden cardiac death. The SNP's Christine Grahame hopes a £100,000-a-year initiative planned for football could be extended to rugby. Sounds a little bit pricy to me. Surely the money could be better spent on improving Scotland's youth rugby facilities, so more kids get playing and are at less risk of ill health!

South of Scotland MSP Ms Grahame said, "Obviously rugby union is a very significant part of the Borders sporting and social life." She added that she would be seeking a meeting with the Scottish Rugby Union to discuss the screening. Och!

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Gypsy Saracens to move to Milton Keynes

_38281179_5milton_cowsIf it's one thing the Sarries love it's a good move. Fresh after speculation they want to dump Watford for the Olympic Stadium, the fez sporting chaps are packing up their camels, and taking the M1 up to Milton Keynes. Okay, it's only for one game, but will Milton Keynes take to rugby?

The move has come about because of a clash of fixtures with Watford FC, who own Sarries' Vicarage Road, due to it looking like their heading into the Championship play-offs at the end of the football season.

Should Watford, currently looking for a route back to the Premier League, finish in fifth or sixth place then they will play at home on Saturday, May 10 or Sunday, May 11. That date coincides with Saracens' last game of the Guinness Premiership season against Bristol. With no where to play Sarries will be forced to up sticks to Milton Keynes and play at MK Dons' stadiummk.

First one to put a fez on a concrete cow wins a KitKat (chunky)...

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3003 things we're going to miss about Brian Ashton. "Number four: his love of Morris dancing..."

Okay this video is a little grainy, but I still kinda like it...

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Barkley's wedding crasher hell is over...

Wedding_crashersop_copyGood news for whoever is in charge of the England team, as star fly-half Olly Barkley is off the hook. At Aylesbury Crown Court, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at a wedding due to a lack of evidence.

Following the decision, Barkley said, "I am really pleased that I am now able to put this behind me. I refused to allow it to affect me on the pitch and hopefully my performances have demonstrated that. But now I am just happy to move on from it and do what I can to bring home some silverware this season."

"I have had so much support from my friends," he continued whilst not smashing a wedding cake with a hammer then kicking a bride on the bottom, "they have helped me keep focused." Barkley was of course not considered for this year's Six Nations tournament because of the impending court case. Who knows if he'd actually played things might have been very different.

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